Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hospital Visit

Yes I needed to pay a visit to the hospital again.
So in the middle of the night last night I woke up to searing pain in my left hip and leg. I couldn't roll over, sit up, stand or walk. Finally I made the decision to go to the hospital since I couldn't get any pain relief.
This recent trip just reminded me of why I hate hospitals. I lay alone behind a curtain for 2 hours before anyone even checked on me. I could have died behind that curtain and they would not have known. When I finally did see a doctor he was not interested. He made me get a x-ray and when it didn't show anything, he came back gave me a shot of pain meds and told me to go home. That's great, I mean I really wanted to get out of there but I wanted to know why this happened and what to do if it happened again but he said "these things just happen".
Well there is my mini rant. I'm still feeling the effects of the shot so I'm going to go nap.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

West Coast Beauty

Since my blog address is called West Coast Addict I thought I would share some pictures of the beauty here on the west coast of Canada. So you can see why I might be addicted.

These where taken on Gabriola Island British Columbia. I spent a lot of my summers on that island. There is a resort there, it's a little run down now, that I used to go to that has a beautiful view of the ocean and every night at sunset they play Amazing Grace on the bagpipes. When I look at these photos I feel young again and I can almost hear the bagpipes :)

The first waterfall is in Campbell River BC. It is a place that my baby took me to go swimming one summer. It is beautiful and peaceful and so refreshing on a hot summer day. The second waterfall is on Quadra Island, a 15 minute ferry ride from Campbell River. I took this one day when Jon took me on an "adventure" on the small island.

These photos were taken in Tofino BC. I love Tofino it is so totally "West Coast". We had so much fun exploring the little local art galleries and shops (they have some great organic and natural fiber clothing stores up there). The first photo is Long Beach, a popular locale from surfers. The second is the Rainforest Walk in Pacific Rim Provincial Park. Totally lush and completely gorgeous. I took these photos up near and in Parksville BC. One is of low tide at Rathtrevor Beach. It is a daily learning experience. The beach is littered with mussels, sand dollars, anemones, starfish, clams, oysters, fish and birds. One can spend hours exploring just one small section of that beach. The other photo is in Cathedral Grove. A Provincial Park filled with ancient trees. It is so wonderful to walk into a forest filled with diversity and old growth. It is so rare these days.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Beautiful Breastfeeding Video

I love this video. It is so beautiful and completely conveys the joy of breastfeeding for both mothers and children. I think breastfeeding is so important.

I am saddened by this attack on breastfeeding mothers on Facebook. Emma Kwasnica has been fighting with Facebook on an ongoing basis about the right to publish photos of her breastfeeding her children. I must admire her for her fight and I hope that when it comes time for me to breastfeed my children that the world will be more accepting of breastfeeding mothers.

A Plan for my Garden

So back in October we moved into our beautiful 3 bedroom house. This house has a wonderful backyard with tons of space to do some organic gardening. I also have a green house. It is need of repair but I'm trying to start some salad greens in there.
The property already has some fruit trees that we recently pruned. They had not been pruned in a really long time so we are a little concerned that they may be a little shocked this year and won't produce much fruit. We have an apple, pear, plum, and grape. I would like to add a cherry tree but it might be a while until the yard is ready for that.
The yard is very large so I am hoping that we can completely live off the fruits and veggies from our yard with enough left to share with family and friends. However the yard has been completely neglected. The previous owners had 3 pit bulls that dug huge holes in the lawn and half the yard is covered with buried plastic. It is a lot of work but I'm really hoping it will all come together.
I will continue to post updates.

The Blogging Begins

This is something that is totally new to me. I've been reading a lot of really great blogs lately and thought I'd try one of my own. But now as I am sitting here writing this I can't think of anything interesting to say so I'll check back later.