Saturday, May 30, 2009

Garden Update

Here is the very first bunch of radishes from the garden. These were for my mom but we picked more and made potato salad.

Here is one of the biggest radishes from the garden (and it's organic!)

A baby pear. All the fruit trees have the beginning of fruit coming up.

Here's the sunny side of the garden. Everything is doing really well. Except there are a couple broccoli that up and died and one of my cauliflowers dropped dead. The first row of peas is all the way up and over the pea netting.

The shady side is just starting and seems to be doing pretty well. You'll notice little buckets in the garden and those are there to hold the weeds. So many weeds!

My tumblers. They have a ton of flowers so I'm hoping we get lots of tomatoes.

This basket of strawberries is doing soo well. It has tons of fruit and some are turning pink.

My grape has survived! And it seems to even be putting out new branches.

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