Monday, June 8, 2009

First Real Harvest

We had to clear out some of our crops today. I've been kinda picking out what I need when I need it but tonight we needed to actually thin things out. We completely cleared out our radish crop. We had a bit of a pest problem that ate about half of what was left out there, so we just pulled it all.
I have more lettuce then I know what to do with. J and I are both taking salads for lunch tomorrow. We picked a whole bunch of it and gave the leftovers to Muffin. There is still a ton left out there so if anyone wants some let me know.
Then there is the spinach. I pick and pick and yet the crop looks like it hasn't been touched. I pulled a bunch tonight so it's thinning a little. However the bugs are getting to it so there might not be too much left in a week or so.
There are some herbs in there too. I'm trying to trim some of them back. My dill, cilantro and oregano have completely taken off, it's almost ridiculous. But hey, herbs are delicious in almost everything.


  1. Have you tried diatamaceous earth for the bugs? It works great! My garden is so measly looking. :( But I sort of didn't expect a huge harvest this year, since our soil is so terrible. It's still a bit disappointing though. I'm glad yours is doing so well.

  2. I've been told to try diatamaceous earth before but our problem is miners and that will actually make it worse. Apparently diatamaceous earth will kill the ants that eat the miners that live in the roots and leaves. Luckly the miners haven't gotten to the beets or carrots.
    I've heard a couple people say their soil isn't very good this year. Ours was terrible but then my dad (who studied agriculture for his PhD) bought us a ton of sand and we stirred that in. Our garden looks a little like a beach but almost everything loves it and it makes weeding a dream (it does require more work in terms of "feeding" the plants). Maybe before planting again, stir in some sand. It should help.

  3. I'm going to try that next year. I noticed in your pictures in some of the older posts how sandy your garden is. Our biggest problem is clay and very compacted soil, so I bet the veggies would love some sand.

  4. It would definitely LOVE sand. Our yard was a lot of clay and very compact, we couldn't even get a shovel in (that's why the sand is just on the top). The clay was so bad when we moved in that the yard would flood every time it rained. But now with some sand and some root systems it is doing a lot better. Plus sand makes weeding way easier.