Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Green Tips: Every Little Bit Helps

The little things we do that use energy or create waste are often the easiest to change; if we recognize them. Think of the things that you do daily that uses energy or creates waste and then multiply it by how many times you do those things in a month and you might be shocked by the impact. This post is about those little things.

1. Air dry or shake off your hands after washing in public washrooms. Avoid electric blow-dryers or paper towels.

2. Use the stairs instead of the elevator. The elevator uses a lot of power and the stairs are better for your personal fitness.

3. Know when to roll up your windows and when to turn off the AC. If you are driving at highway speeds having your window down creates drag and you use more gas, so switch to the vent or AC. But at regular speeds, AC wastes gas so roll down the windows for some natural ventilation.

4. Say no to the receipt. Unless you need to keep track of your purchases say no to a receipt, then retailers will only to print one or no copies and will save paper. Plus, your wallet will lose some bulk if you ditch the paper.

5. Recharge. Rechargeable batteries or solar charging items are great money and energy savers. Plus recharging reduces waste, so really it's the best anyway you look at it.

There are tons of other little things you can change! Pay attention and give your actions some thought and step by step our world will become a little greener.

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