Sunday, July 26, 2009


We look forward to Luminara every year. It is the lantern festival here in Victoria, that happens every July. It is a great atmosphere and it is full of interesting lanterns made by local participants. However, this year just as the sun went down and the festival was about to begin, the thunder and lightening began. It was pouring as we made our way down to the festival but we weren't going to miss it.

There was a rainbow as we were driving down so that gave us some hope it might clear up.

The sunset was gorgeous but it was still pouring.

One of the many costumes on display at the festival.

The Cheshire cat was the first lantern we encountered.

I think this was one of my favorite lanterns. It was floating on the water and was framed with dragonflies and Koi fish.

The lantern village.
All-in-all it was great to see all the lantern but many of the lanterns we out from the rain so we really couldn't see them and we were completely soaked.

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  1. Darn, every year I want to go see this and every year I forget about it until everyone who did remember posts pictures afterwards. And then I kick myself and promise myself that we'll go next year lol. It looks like fun!