Tuesday, July 28, 2009

So Much Zucchini!

I was worried I wouldn't have enough but I can't handle anymore zucchini. We've had some sort of zucchini dish with every meal. My freezer is filling up fast and I've been giving them away to whoever will take them. I'm still getting 2-4 zucchinis out of the garden everyday. HELP! I'm going to be overrun by zucchini.
The above picture was all we got in just one haul. It's ridiculous!


  1. Look at all that zuch! We've been collecting new 'soldiers' everyday too, but not as many as you!

  2. lol, wow! Our zucchini plants have just started producing zucchini that's big enough to eat and we're already feeling overrun. Mostly because Kris doesn't really eat it though. I need to find some good zucchini recipes.

  3. I've been handing them out to people at work. It is just insane!
    Lindsay, I'll post some of the zucchini recipes that I've found are really yummy.