Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing Day Hike

This boxing day was a glorious sunny day. With the stress of Christmas behind us we decided to unwind with a hike up Mount Doug. It was so peaceful and so beautiful by the end of it I felt so relaxed. Sometimes I just need to surround myself with the beautiful and peace of nature to reconnect with my own peace.

Everything so lush and green. The air was cool and fresh. I just stopped and took deep breaths of that good clean air.
There were so many ferns. I love ferns. When I'm stand amid ferns I feel as though I went back in time to when humans and nature were in balance. When I was a child I would hide amongst the ferns and pretend I was watching for dinosaurs.

Even though the sun was out it is was still a cool December day. There was even some frost on the ground and when the sun hit it, it sparkled. Nothing can compare to the beauty of nature. Nothing.

We found this quiet place surrounded by young Arbutus trees. It was stunning. Niether of us had seen this place before so it felt really special. It is definitely going to be a place I go to when I need to unwind.We stopped and stretched and just looked out over the lovely forest below.

The view was beyond lovely. You could see Mt. Baker so clearly. The sun just lit up its snow topped peaks. Just above the mountain was the moon. In the middle of the day, there was the beautiful moon. It makes you feel strangely wonderful being able to stand in the warm sunlight and be able to look up at the moon at the same time.

The colors were just so rich. The bark of the Arbutus tree is so beautiful and in the sun it glowed a lovely amber-red color. The moss was incredibly lush from all the rain we had before Christmas. Moss is one of the most stunning shades of green. I kept trying to get a picture that captured the radiant colors but failed. I just put away the camera and took it all in. The clean air, warm sun, light sea breeze, vibrant colors and timeless beauty. I hope everyone gets to spend a wonderful day like this was and reconnect with nature and yourself.

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