Saturday, March 20, 2010

More Sewing

Since I've been away, the progress on the spring wardrobe has been slow but I'm fairly happy with the last two things I made. 

I really like the fabric choice for this wrap dress. This one took a really long time, because I made the pattern myself. I had wanted to finish it in time to take it with me to Hawaii as sort of a bathing suit cover-up but the facing was giving me a lot of grief so I just put it aside and finished it when I got back. It still needs a few tweaks but overall I like it.
This red tunic is by far my favorite thing I've made so far. It fits really nicely, I love the fabric and it only took an hour or two to make. I'm going to save the pattern and maybe make another one of these tunics because I'm so pleased with the result.
Next up in the sewing plan is some skirts, I'm going to attempt a new bag, and I'm going to make some more shirts. We also got a new chair for the living room so I'm going to try to make a pillow to go with it.
Before I left for vacation I had ordered some out-of-print patterns and the arrived when I got back so I'm going to try some of those out. I like making my own patterns but it just takes so much longer.

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