Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hawai'i: Scuba Diving

Jon and I just went scuba diving for the first time last week. We were in Honolulu Hawaii and were out with a company called Rainbow Scuba. Our guide, Ken, was really fun and super patient. I was a little nervous but when I got down (and finally got my ears to pop) it was so relaxing and so interesting. I did my best not to touch anything and simply observe. The reef was not as vibrant as I expected it to be. But the fish swam right up to us and we saw some sea stars. We even saw a white tip reef shark. Here are some pictures that Ken took. They aren't flattering but they are cool.
That's me swimming over to join the group. Ken was a fan of the "hang loose".

Jon and conch shell (with something still living in it so I didn't touch).
Again Jon touching. Here he as some coral and I'm in the background looking at all the little critters on the ocean floor.
Here is Jon, me and Ed. Ed was another tourist who joined us. Ed was really scared of the whole experience and would constantly try to grab me. He almost pulled my mouth piece out. It got a little annoying. But overall it was an amazing experience.

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