Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cupcakes in a Jar

This is an idea from Martha Stewart Weddings. I made it for dessert when we had friends for dinner last week and they were amazing!
It is a layer of homemade triple berry jam, bottom half of a buttermilk cupcake, a layer of cream cheese frosting, top half of the cupcake and more cream cheese frosting. They are heaven! The bottom gets soaked in delicious jam and the frosting is so creamy. I ran out of jars so I did this with the remainder.
Same buttermilk cupcakes with the cream cheese frosting but topped with a raspberry. Also very yummy. The recipe can be found here. I made a little less frosting then the recipe calls for and I used whipping cream instead of whole milk and it gave it a more whipped consistency which I liked.

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