Monday, April 26, 2010

Meal Plan

After looking in my fridge and seeing way too much food I think its time I started planning meals again. I hate throwing things away and it's really hard to shop when you don't have a plan.

Monday: Leftovers night (looks like it's going to be soup and more soup)
Tuesday: Roast with pumpkin, yam rounds and spinach salad
Wednesday: Vegetarian Fajitas
Thursday: Swiss Chard and cheese frittata
Friday: Vegetarian Chow Mein
Saturday: Honey garlic chicken wings and quinoa salad
Sunday: Spicy Black Bean soup

Hopefully this week I can use up a lot of things from my crisper in the fridge and from the freezer. We need to try and use our frozen stuff to get ready for the side of organic beef we are getting and for the surplus out of the summer garden.

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