Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Plan for Earth Day

Tomorrow is Earth Day. I love Earth Day. Even though some people think it pointless, I think of it as a day to remember how much I love my planet, all the wonderful things it provides and all the beauty that surrounds me. For Earth Day I like to do everything as eco-friendly as I can (not that I don't strive for this in my everyday life but Earth Day is a day to make an extra effort).
My plan is to do no driving (Jon is car-pooling tomorrow), turn off all non-essential electrical things (I'll leave my fridge and freezer on), eat organic and local vegetarian meals, create no waste, pick up any garbage I see on the street and recycle or throw it out, conserve water, buy nothing, plant some flowers and veggies, use only rainwater to water in my greenhouse, wear my natural fiber clothes and say thank you for this amazing home.
If I had more time or money I would have liked to have volunteered for a non-profit environmental organization or made a donation to sustainability projects. If I wasn't working I would have also liked to have gone for a wilderness hike, somewhere I hadn't been before or toured OUR Eco-Village which is up-island from me.
I encourage everyone out there to do something wonderful for your planet tomorrow (and it will make you feel better too). Make Earth Day the start of a new eco-friendly life. I'd love to hear what other people have planned to celebrate Earth Day.

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