Monday, May 31, 2010

May going on November

The weather here has turned absolutely horrid. At the beginning of May it was hot (so hot that we actually found it uncomfortable at night) and sunny. I planted a bunch of stuff out in the garden and things were looking good. It was even hot enough to cause my spinach to bolt.
Then, a couple weeks ago, the temperature dropped. It has been cold and rainy. It is like spring is turning into winter not summer. It's hard to believe that it will be June tomorrow. The cold, damp weather means that my garden is suffering. The wetness has caused the slugs to go nuts on my garden and have eaten all my beets and chard to the ground and have started in on my broccoli and brussel sprouts. Even the stuff in the greenhouse has sort of stopped growing because of the lack of sunlight. Hello, summer? Are you coming?? I'm not sure how much more of this cold and rain I can take! It just feels wrong to be wearing 3 layers to go outside in June!

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  1. Mine too. /sigh I don't seem to have such a slug problem as you and Kyrie, but they did get a bunch of strawberries and nothing is growing like it did last year. I just planted out some squash and peppers over the weekend, so I'm hoping the sun decides to show up soon!