Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pictures from the Garden

This spinach isn't really all that big and it's already starting to go to seed. I think it got really confused by the weird weather.
The pretty lettuce is called Merlot. It is going to be ready way before my Esmeralda lettuce.
My first little peach! Since we just planted the tree about 2 months ago I feel like I shouldn't let it fruit this year but I'm just so excited!
Strawberries are almost ready. I should have 2 next week.
We have mason bees! They hatched from that little triangular box at the bottom right, pollinated my yard and came back and filled the tubes. We have 14 now (we got 3 more after I took this picture) so I got 4 more than I thought I would. I'm hoping the whole thing fills up by the end of the summer.
We have honeybees too. They are loving the fact that my chive is in bloom!


  1. Wow, strawberries already! I think slugs got a bunch of mine and I had to buy new plants and replant. They're just starting to flower now. Everything's looking really good. I'm excited about your bees. I'm definitely going to get some next year.

  2. The bees are so amazing. I put my strawberry planter right under the house so they do lots of pollinating. I'm hoping I get so many coming back that I don't need to buy more next year.
    It's kinda hard for the slugs to get a my strawberries since I grow them in hanging baskets. I put them down on the ground to water them but they are usually hung up.