Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mini Harvest

Things have not been going well for me this year, garden-wise. The weather has been shitty and the weeds are a big problem this year. Still, I managed to get some things from the garden last week.
I collected some Giant Chinese Mustard Greens, Merlot lettuce and some Samish Spinach. I even got a couple strawberries.
Then a couple days later, I got some more strawberries. They aren't as sweet as they were last year but I'm hoping that a good summer will turn that around.
In terms of the garden, I had to pull out and re-seed my spinach because it bolted, I've finally planted my tomatoes, the cabbage is doing ok (I'm just trying to keep the slugs off of it) and thanks to all this wet and cold weather the slugs have eaten my chard and beets literally to the ground. I'm going to have to re-seed those too. Like I said, things are not going well.

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