Saturday, July 3, 2010

Canada Day Festivities

This year for a Canada Day, Jon and I decided to keep things low key. We slept in, had lunch together, then headed out to Sidney to check out the Canada Day Festivities. The weather wasn't that great and on our drive out there it kind of started to spit so we didn't think we would stay very long. We started off listening to some local bands at the Mary Winspear Centre. After that got old we made our way down Beacon Ave to the waterfront. We stopped and checked out some of the cute shops that are unique to Sidney and made a stop at Starbucks (what a bad idea, the lineup was awful!). We managed to make it to the marina just in time to see the end of the Slegg Lumber Annual Boat Race. There were 21 teams of 3, they were each given $100 to spend at Slegg to get whatever they needed to build a working boat then 4 hours to build them without power tools. There were a few impressive finished products.

We waited on the pier for about 45mins but finally they took to the water. There were 3 prizes to be won, the first to complete the race, the first to sink and the crowd favorite. Needless to say the first to sink was a tie but the first to complete was a clear winner. The in-between boats were really funny to watch. It was not a warm day so I was really impressed by the dedicated people who basically swam their boats around the course. One team decided not to participate in the race but rather to be "pirates" that waited at the half-way mark and shot at the teams with water guns. The whole thing was pretty funny. The boats were auctioned off after the race (or what was left of them). Here is a little video of the race. Sorry about the quality, I wasn't really paying attention to the video, I was watching the race.
After the race we quickly visited the Sidney Farmers Market, then headed home. We went to a movie and headed to bed as soon as the booming from the fireworks was over. It was such a nice day to spend with my sweetie. I really had so much fun.

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