Sunday, August 29, 2010

From My Garden

We got a bunch of onions and carrots. I got another 3.75 lbs of cucumber (so much! I've been making pickles but seriously too many cucumbers this year), 1.75 lbs of scallopini, 1 lb of parsnip and 5.5 lbs of pears. I also picked about 1lb of blackberries from my yard and made some delicious blackberry jam. Last year we were overwhelmed by zucchini and this year it's the cucumbers. Any ideas on how to deal with a surplus of cucumber without spending my days canning?
I'm still getting some tomatoes out of the garden but most are still green and my squashes look good. Looks like I should have some pumpkin, acorn squash and butternut squash this fall.
My flower garden is doing well too. I've got some lovely pink hydrangeas, purple gladiolas and a bunch of sunflowers. I'll be sad when there are no more flowers out there. But I think I'll try amaryllis indoors again this year. I learned a lot from the experience last year.


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