Friday, August 6, 2010

Summer Disappointments

If you read my blog you know I went into this summer season with really high hopes. I had a great vegetable garden last year and managed to attend most of the summer festivals. This year has been wildly disappointing. I have had a terrible garden year. This year everything seems to be struggling; everything except the weeds. My plants seemed too small to really take hold and be productive. The weather was weird in the beginning of the summer so I had quite a few things fail. The weeds are beyond what I or anyone else can handle. I literally gave up in about the last week of June. I've decided the best thing to do is to forgo the winter garden and cover the whole garden area to squash back the weeds and try some raised beds next year. I can't stand all the horsetail, morning glory, fireweed and clover!! Maybe once we get chickens they can give us a hand.
The other huge disappointment this summer has been me. I have zero motivation. I still work at the Moss Street Market and I'm working on getting my ECE but that is about it. I planned to spend the summer reading, hiking, gardening and canning. I've done none of those things. I have not canned a single thing (probably because I don't have enough out of the garden to can), I have neglected my garden so my pole beans failed, some of my peas didn't get watered and my potatoes got crowded out by weeds. Since June I've been struggling with migraines. Some of my triggers are light and heat and guess what? Summer is hot and bright. I think that the migraines have been a major reason why I've done nothing.
So here is a new set of goals. Blackberries are ready! Time to buckle down and make some jam. The weather is getting a little cool, perfect for a hike! Instead of dwelling on the failures in the garden this year, I'll begin to prep for a successful year next year!

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