Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Ups and Downs of Pregnancy

Message to baby, written at about 2:30am....
Thanks a lot kid, what exactly is it that is comfy about my spine? Hmmmm? No, no I didn't need sleep tonight. I mean I didn't really get much sleep last night but I'm good to go 3 days with less than 8 hours total sleep. Oh please, by all means shove your butt in my hip socket, I don't need to be able to bend at the waist to get out of bed. No wait, actually I DO! Especially now that you have shoved an elbow into my bladder and I have to pee, like right now! (enter sobbing) I'm so tired and sore. I just want to sleep and go pee. (I beg Jon to roll me out of bed because my hip hurts too much to sit on the side of the bed) Why do women voluntarily do this more than once? I have 13 weeks left and I already want to curl up in a ball and die. I'm constantly hungry but nothing ever appeals to me, I constantly have to pee even though I just peed 10 minutes ago and I'm soo tired but I'm too sore to get any sleep. I think I'm about to loose my mind. (I go pee and lay back down and try to get comfy, when the rolling and kicking begins in my belly). I'm not sure that you realize this baby, but it is really difficult to sleep when you do an entire Cirque-du-Soleil show in my belly. I think you and I are going to have a problem once you are born. See, I like to sleep, I need to sleep and you are just going to have to deal with that. (I look over at Jon who is completely asleep and snoring and mumble...) Stupid Jon, look at him sleeping over there, all comfy and stuff. I hate dads, they get off so easy. Why don't you head over there and keep your dad up for a change, huh? (at about 3am I basically completely give in to the exhaustion and sleep from 3.5 hours).

Message to baby, written at about 4pm the next day...
You are so fun! I feel you kicking me baby! Can you feel my hand? I'm here. I wonder who you will be in this world. Will you love music like I do? Will you love to read like your parents? Will you love the natural world? We can't wait to take you on hikes and walks and discover all the wonder around us with you. And when you are older, we will go camping. We will have so much fun together baby! I hope I'm doing the right things for you already baby, and I hope your dad and I give you the best up-bringing we can. I hope I'm a good mom. I promise to comfort you when you cry, feed you when you are hungry, open your horizons and never hold you back from the person you want to become. (baby rolls in my belly) You seem happy today! I can't wait to meet you baby! We love you already, did you know that? I hope you can feel how much we love you. See you soon!

 Disclaimer: I do not hate my child, in the top post I was tired and grumpy and needed someone to blame. I would never wish bad things for my baby or abuse it in any way.

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