Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wedding Things

A couple of weeks ago I married the love of my life. And while I don't want to do an entire post on the wedding I will throw out to the internet world a few little tidbits.
 Above is my beautiful cake and amazing little guest favors. Both were made my my dear friend Kyre. The cake was perfect. We had a pumpkin spice cake with cream cheese frosting. The flavor and decoration went perfectly with our fall wedding. She also made our sugar cookie favors. Each guest got both a N cookie and a J cookie.
My flowers were another favorite from the wedding. My aunt bought the flowers and did the arrangements. It was such an amazing gift. I really wanted a seasonal wildflower type look so we worked together to decide what would look nice together. She got the most delicate fern, gorgeous red lilies and daisies and the coolest spider mums and dahlias. The arrangements on our table were in large mason jars (again so fitting with the farm theme).

 We got married on a local farm. Here on the west coast it was a real chance in terms of the weather when we planned on an October wedding. The prediction was for rain but luckily we got a lovely sunny (for the most part) day. The wedding party got ready in the amazing cottage they have on the farm (seen somewhat in the pictures above). We also managed to get all of our portraits done in the gardens on the farm. It was incredible luck that we got the perfect day we did.

All of the pictures I used here were taken by our talented photographer Jessica Bender. You can check out some of her other projects here. She is such an artist and got some truly amazing shots. The entire day was more than I could have hoped for. We had a beautiful ceremony on a beautiful day surrounded by amazing friends and family. Just looking back on these photos reminds me of the love we felt that day and I get all mushy inside!


  1. Love the pictures Natalie! I was sad we missed the first part of the wedding (didn't want to bring a crying baby up there!), but what we did see was beautiful and you're right, it was a fabulous location. Congratulations again. =)

  2. Thanks Lindsay. I'm sorry you couldn't be there for the ceremony but I'm glad you were able to come for the dinner. I hope you had a nice time.