Saturday, January 15, 2011

More Postpartum Prep

So in addition to the meals I've been preparing for after the baby is born I've also been preparing a few things to make my recovery more comfortable.
I used some flannel I found at a thrift store to make myself a couple of mama clothes from a pattern in Handmade Home. These ones have been soaked in a tea (comfrey, calendula, plantain, echincea, vitamin E, St. Johns wart) and frozen for some cold soothing relief on my perineum. I also reserved some of that tea for a peri-wash that has been frozen in squirt bottles. Even before I got pregnant I never used disposable pads. Normally I use pads with a PUL lining that I buy here but for the ones that I wanted to freeze I didn't want the PUL lining. However, for overnight I did buy some of the extra long pads with a PUL liner.
I'm also trying to make sure I have plenty of supplies for breastfeeding. I have a couple different types of nursing pads (though I think the soft bamboo ones will be the winner), a nursing bra and nursing tank, some organic nipple cream, lactation teas and some small microwavable bean bags in case I need some relief with plugged ducts.
We are also planning on encapsulating my placenta in the hopes that it will help with my low iron and keep postpartum blues at bay. I have the supplies I need and a doula who is willing to help with the time consuming process of putting the ground placenta in capsules. You can find more information of the benefits of placenta encapsulation here.
So all-in-all I feel like I've got a handle on things in terms of recovery but who knows. Do any of you mamas out there have some suggestions of things that you found made for a speedy recovery?


  1. How exciting! It definitely pays off to do as much as you can now. Even though I ended up preparing and freezing meals, I lived off power and meal bars for the first few weeks. lol. So add those to your staples.

    The only other suggestion I can make is to avoid doing too much laundry if possible. I do cloth diapers but allowed myself to use disposables for the first five weeks (she didn't fit in anything until then anyway). The less you do, the better. And so my advice to mamas is that you can perfect all that stuff later. Focus on doing nothing but eating, sleeping and nursing.

    But you already know all that. Good luck!

  2. Just noticed your reading list. You would probably really REALLY love, "Our Babies, Ourselves," by Merideth Small. Changed my life. Another great book is "Attached at the Heart."

  3. We definitely have a couple packs of disposables (they say they are compostable so I don't feel quite as bad about them) for the first couple days and for when we go out. We are going to try EC but for the first few outings I don't want to pack potties and wet bags.
    Our Babies, Ourselves is definitely on my list of books to read. I've been getting my books from the library and I think it was already on hold the last time I checked. I'll get it eventually I guess.
    Thanks for the advice!

  4. I wear flannel pads now, but I wore disposables post-partom. I love the idea of soaking them in tea and freezing them. BRILLIANT! You are so incredibly prepared. I found adding calendula tincture to my peri bottle was extremely helpful. My midwives also gave us bags of herbs, barks and roots that we prepared at home to add to bath water for my sitz baths. That was also wonderful. And I loved placenta encapsulation. One of the midwives at the birthing center prepared it for me, but I found it incredibly helpful and I enjoyed the ritual of taking the caplets.

  5. The pad soaking/freexing idea is great. I remember sitting on an ice pack for those first few days! You sound well prepared, well done :)