Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Spring Things for the Little One

I bought the book Handmade Beginnings and love all the little projects in it. I decided to start with the Baby in the Hood jacket and the reversible pants. I made both in the 3-6 month size so they should fit the babe when the weather starts warming up.
 I chose colors similar to what were used in the book because I thought they were so springy. My mom thought they might be girly for a boy but I really love this jacket. The inside is lined with flannel so the babe should be able to wear it even if it hasn't really warmed up outside.
 This is side one of the pants. I really like the lime green for spring and summer. The pants were pretty easy to make with the exception of an uncooperative sewing machine and sewing the elastic in before checking if it was twisted. In the end I fixed the elastic and got a better machine to work with.
Here is the other side of those pants. In the book she recommends trying a fun pattern for the yolk but the fabrics I had were already kind of busy so I decided not to add a 3rd fabric to the mix. I think I'll make some more of these pants once I know if it's a boy or girl and make them in bigger sizes. I'll try using fun fabrics for the yolk next time.
PS Don't forget to leave me your guesses for the baby pool!


  1. I love both the jacket and the pants! Super, super cute; great job. I cut out the pattern for the pants but have yet to sew a pair. And the jacket is just darling but I'm afraid my son may be too big now.

  2. Thanks!
    The pants are super easy, I did them in an evening. The hardest part is the elastic. The jacket took longer. You could probably get it to fit big if you make the placket wider, move the buttons and don't roll the cuffs. Good luck!