Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hunter Romper

I bought this pattern as a PDF from Etsy. This was my first experience with a hand-drawn PDF pattern. There were some moments of confusion but in the end it was a pretty simple project. I made it in the 3 month size but I think it will fit past that because it has multiple buttons on the straps to adjust for height and the legs are pretty wide to begin with. My two disappointments have nothing to do with the pattern though. First was that my local fabric store had really poor quality snap tape and it seems pretty rigid but we will see how it fits on the baby. Second was the button hole setting on my temporary sewing machine (something is seriously wrong with my sewing machine and until I get it serviced I'm borrowing one from my mom) was confusing and didn't work the way the manual said it would so the button holes are pretty messy but they should do the job. I really like the red fabric. I bought some cute yellow and green fabric this weekend so I might do the pants version of this romper is that fabric but in a bigger size. I have so many sewing projects to finish that making another romper might have to wait.

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