Saturday, February 26, 2011

Placenta Magic

When I was researching the benefits of placenta in postpartum recovery, I could not have anticipated how much of a difference it would make for me.
During the first few days after birth, I was struggling with severe baby blues. I was so tired that I was not thinking rationally and every little things felt like the end of the world. I was crying, feeling panicky and just overwhelmed. It was hard to feel the joy of life with my new baby when I felt so depressed. On the third day Jon started the process of encapsulating my placenta for me. It took a full day to do but once I started taking the pills, it only took 2 doses to make a noticeable difference. I feel content, happy and more confident in my new role as a mom.
The process of encapsulating is actually not that difficult. Jon washed the placenta, steamed it, sliced it, dried it over night in the oven, ground it up and put it in capsules. Really anyone could do it and it would only take about 8 hours for the whole process. My placenta made about 200 caps.
I think the beauty of using placenta over any other herbal or pharmaceutical treatment is that it is custom made for you and your baby. So no worries about it getting in your breast-milk and no side effects for you. As gross as you may think it is, I feel like it is an amazing gift for you and your baby. To learn more about the benefits of placenta visit Placenta Benefits and for step by step instructions for encapsulating your own placenta visit this site.


  1. Did it stink up the house? I wanted to do it both times but never got around to it. I've heard if you oven-dehydrate it can make your house smell a little funky! I still have both mine in the deep freeze ;P

  2. Not really. Jon said he could smell it a little bit but I never noticed a smell. I think steaming it first takes care of the smell. It would probably smell more if you tried to dehydrate it without "bleeding" it and steaming it.