Wednesday, March 30, 2011

More Mobiles

April just loves her mobiles and I really love them too. We've stuck with the types that simply move with the air currents. It's so calming and lovely. I've been following the Montessori recommendations of changing them out every few weeks. In case you missed weeks 2-5 see them here.
Below are her current mobiles.

This is her newest mobile. It is made from old National Geographic magazines. This one in particular is made from an article on bird migration. I want her to love birds the way I do so I've been really drawn to bird things for her.
I've made almost all of her mobiles myself but it is a time consuming task, especially with a baby around, so this I bought from Horrorfemme.
I adore this mobile. I love how it moves, I love the colors, it is just a perfect spring mobile. This one was made from a kit and was fairly easy to make. April loves it because if she lies under it and kicks her legs a lot, she can make it spin.
Here is a little sneak peak at one of her new mobiles.
I'm making a series of these paper stars for one mobile. The other will likely be wet felted butterflies. I'm interested to try them after reading instructions fir making them in Heaven on Earth.
After the next round of visual mobiles, I'll be moving on to some grasping mobiles (like these but I will make them myself) . So many mobiles, so little time.

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