Tuesday, March 8, 2011

One Month

It's been one month since April was born. I can't believe it. She already seems so different. She is getting rolls and doesn't have that wrinkly, squishy newborn face anymore. My baby is packing on the pounds, she's already outgrown her newborn size clothes and diapers.
Overall she's a really good baby. She has some digestive issues (we think she might have some reflux) that make her a bit fussy but other than that she's snuggly and easy to please. She's starting to really take in her surroundings. She smiles when she hears my voice, she loves listening to music and has taken a real interest in checking herself out in the mirror and watching her mobiles. She also loves to take baths. I use a jar to pour water over her and this is her favorite part. She's even fallen asleep sitting in her little tub chair. I hope this means she will love to swim (I love to swim and hope it's something we can do together).
One month postpartum and I'm starting to come out of the fog. We still have some tough nights in terms of sleeping so those days are hard but I'm really enjoying being her mom. I love the walks we take, I love watching her discover new things and I love just holding her and laying with her. I feel little sad that I was so out of it and unhappy her first week, I feel like I missed out a little bit. But she's only a month old, we have lots of time.
On the day she turned a month old we had professional pictures taken of her. We had the photographer from our wedding come to the house. I love these pictures. She is so ADORABLE! Thank you Jess for another job well done!

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  1. So beautiful! Honestly, over half the moms I know experienced what you did the first week. I think it's a lot more common than we know and there is probably a reason for it that we just don't understand yet. Even animals experience it and go on to bond to with little ones. I have one friend who is having her fifth child and has experienced that with each one. Now, going on to child #5, she expects it and has a plan for it. What it is, I am not sure except that I know it includes having certain loved ones around to help and just being okay with the process knowing that the first few days are rough for her. She has stated (without guilt) that she is unable to bond with her babies the first few days and is okay with it. I really admire that. Although, from what I understand - she didn't reach that state of mind until later on with baby #3.

    As far as growing, Mimi hit 2T months sizing at one year old. Freaked me out. But at 19 months old, she is still in 2T and I foresee her being in them until she's 2. It's amazing how much they grow the first year.