Monday, June 20, 2011


This was my first knitting project in almost 2 years. I miss it, but I've definitely lost my touch. This is a pretty easy pattern but it took me forever to make them. I also made quite a few mistakes. Most were because I was distracted and forgot what I was doing but the main mistake is that these were done in the garter stitch instead of the stockinette stitch. Yes, I sat down to knit these and told myself that the stockinette stitch alternates knit and purl. True...but not in a round. Oh well, they still work and I love the color. I'm definitely making more of these (only next time I will actually use the stockinette stitch).

The pattern is from Never Not Knitting and I used the recommended yarn (I love Debbie Bliss and the baby cashmerino is lovely) in Damson.

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