Tuesday, July 5, 2011

5 months

She is 5 months old. She is becoming such a big girl. She can almost sit unassisted, she can laugh, she's on the verge of crawling and has a tooth coming in. Not a newborn any more.

It has been a month of first. Her first laugh, her first trip across the border and her first real trip to the beach. She loved it, she had so much fun wiggling her toes in the sand. I can't wait until it is warm enough to go in the water with her.
In general she is still the happy baby she always has been but she has been having a tough time in the evenings I think because she is tired and her mouth hurts. I've started implementing a regular bedtime and a nighttime ritual which seems to be helping but until I can get her to nap more during the day I think we will still be having these nightly meltdowns.
This month her favorite things seem to be daily walks, bath time, books, frozen soothers and when Mama gives her raspberries. Seriously, this child gets cuter by the minute!

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  1. They really grow up too fast, our moms & grandmoms were so right! Your girl is so kissably cute, love her excited sand-toes face. ^.^
    My little bug just made 9 months yesterday (too fast!) & I totally feel ya on the getting cuter every day bit. I fall in love all over again every time I look at her! :P