Friday, August 5, 2011

6 months old

Halfway. Seriously...we are halfway through April's first year. It's been such an awesome 6 months; tough but amazing.
 We've reached some big milestones. April can crawl and loves to laugh. She's been really moving. It still sometimes surprises me how far she can get in such a short amount of time. Nothing like a crawling baby to make you realize how many tiny things you keep in your home.
 She still loves to be read to and has recently developed a taste for books. It's really hard to get through a story when the baby keeps trying to put the book in her mouth. She also still enjoys music. She seems to really be listening when I sing to her now which is really cool. We are going to start the Sing and Sign class here in town to start her sign education and expose her to some other songs.
 I'm in love with this baby's laugh. She thinks it is hilarious if someone else in laughing and she is constantly making me laugh. She also seems to think that I'm super funny when I have the hiccups. I just love when I hear her laughing, I don't think anything makes me smile like her laugh.
Summer finally arrived here on the west coast and we've been loving it. April is still the water baby she's always been so we've been out in her splash pool almost everyday. I took her to the beach but the Pacific waters were still too cold for her. She enjoyed the sand though. We love to lie under the pear tree and enjoy the warm breezes. April is fascinated with grass. We've also been able to lie in our hammock at night. Ahh...

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