Monday, August 8, 2011

Birthday Sundresses

My friend's daughter celebrated her 4th birthday this past week so it was time to make her a cute summer dress. I decided to make one for her younger sister too since I missed her birthday earlier this year.
The yellow is the birthday girl's dress and the green one is her little sisters dress. I love the yellow, it is such a summer color. I would have liked to have made both dresses from the yellow but I ran out of that fabric.
I used the pattern for the Heather Ross smocked sundress from Martha Stewart's site. I did encounter quite a few problems with this dress. One was that I think the video that goes with this pattern isn't very helpful. Heather Ross mentions changing the tension when sewing the lines but actually I found that the tension did not need to be changed but the stitch width did. I sewed these using the longest stitch possible on my machine. Also the bobbin does not need to be as loose as the instructions make it seem. Really it just doesn't need to be as tight as the machine would make it but there does need to be some tension.
In the end I really love these little dresses. I will be making a couple for April when my new fabric arrives!

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  1. Thanks Natalie! The girls are in them today and love them. :) It was great seeing you yesterday.