Monday, August 15, 2011

The End of the Summer Garden

Things are starting to wrap up in my summer garden. Even though the weather wasn't great, things overall went really well in the garden this year. I've decided to give a fall garden another go (last time we had an early frost and I lost it all) so I'm planting for that.
 Tri-Color Beans
 Acorn Squash
 Red Pontiac Potatoes
Wild Blackberries
So far this year we've got 33 lbs of english peas, 19lbs of potatoes, 27lbs of zucchini, 8 lbs of cabbage, 6lbs of beans, tons of kale and 6lbs of blackberries. 
We are going to have a lot of pears and apples ready soon. I'm also expecting a lot of tomato.
I've planted more kale and brussel sprouts for the winter. This week I'll be planting fall peas, carrots and beets (I already planted fall beets but the slugs came and ate every single sprout to the ground) and in September I'll plant winter lettuce and spinach. I might try chard though I've never had success with summer chard maybe the winter will be better.

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