Thursday, September 22, 2011

Seeing Red

The tomatoes are finally ready. It seems like it's been a very late year for tomatoes but lately every time I go into my garden I'm seeing tons of red fruit. So far we've picked 15 lbs of tomatoes and more are coming. So far I've not been able to do much with them. Usually I freeze them but my freezer is already packed full with berries, zucchini, peas and beans. So I think tomorrow I'm going to have to do some canning. I think I'll make some Soule-Sa from Rhythm of the Family and I've been meaning to try the Ketchup recipe from Well Preserved.
This year we planted some Romas, Beef Steaks, a Patio tomato and a heritage variety. So far the heritage and the beef steaks seem to be doing the best but the Roma is packed with green tomatoes so it is just a matter of time before we are overwhelmed with Roma's. I'm just hoping that the rainy weather we have been having doesn't cause them to rot. I've been picking them a little under-ripe to try to prevent loosing a bunch of them to rotting.
What do you do with your tomatoes?

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