Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

It is Thanksgiving here in Canada and we got together with family last night for our annual feast. It was so special to share it with my daughter this year. We did a combo of local fruit and veggies with a few imported treats.
On the menu was a lovely turkey stuffed with an apple walnut stuffing (made with apples and celery from my garden) and topped with bacon and an herb butter rub, brussel sprouts with apples and bacon (again apples from my garden and local brussel sprouts), butternut squash soup (local butternut), goat cheese stuffed figs (goat cheese from Saltspring), homemade cheddar perogies and cucumber salad (cucumber from my grandma's garden). It was delightful! I enjoy the cooking almost as much as the eating.

It was a really nice day yesterday so while the turkey cooked we picked apples, playing in the garden and April tried walking with a toy my mom got her. She was so proud of herself, she really enjoys being independent.

April's dinner was some nice roasted butternut squash. We have tried feeding her acorn squash from the garden before but she hated it. The butternut was definitely an improvement. She really liked when I put a spoonful of squash on her tray for her to feed herself with.
This year I am thankful for -
 - a healthy, beautiful, happy baby girl who makes my life better everyday
- a patient and loving husband who is the very best partner for me
- supportive and loving parents who are continuing to parent even though I have a family of my own
- friends and family who make the difference on those difficult days as new mom
- fresh, nutritious food grown in my own backyard
- a comfortable home and beautiful city to live in
- laughter, love and health

 Happy Thanksgiving!

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