Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Keeping April Warm

Something about colder weather just makes me want to knit. I've been making a couple things for Christmas but I managed to pump these out in a couple of evenings.

I want to keep April warm this year in yummy natural, homemade wool things. So I made her the Aviatrix hat out of unbleached merino wool. It is so lovely and soft. It's almost too small but for the moment it works really well. I love this pattern. I think it is one that I will use over and over again.

The mittens are made from alpaca wool. They are a little rougher but this wool doesn't pill as easily as the merino so I thought it would work better for the mitts. The pattern is simple and cute. The sizing fits small in my opinion (sorry for the terrible picture, I was having trouble getting the focus and color right).

I think this little set looks so cute on and the colors work well together. I have a couple more wooley things are on the go to keep April warm with so stay tuned.

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