Thursday, November 24, 2011

Lyalya Hoodie

It's been colder than usual this year so I've been trying to make somethings to keep April warm on our outings.  As much as I love the Aviatrix hat, it is a bit small and doesn't really cover the back of her neck so I found this pattern and thought it would be a great solution. The pattern says that the baby size should fit 6 months-24 months so that's what I made. It is a bit small and doesn't fully cover her neck but I still love it. I also love the yarn I used. It is Misti Alpaca in Purplicious. It is so soft and the colorway is beautiful. I think I will be making this hat again only in the child size.
In the pictures you will notice April standing at her Montessori standing bar. She is also very interested in magnets so we've hung a little magnet board above the bar. She just showed me today she can stand alone without the bar and she is getting really good at walking with her walker wagon, she is even starting to walk with just one hand on the bar. She is getting so independent.


  1. Oooh, that looks perfect for winter!

  2. Very cute hat! I made a really similar one for my babe--the "Stella pixie hat." Can't go wrong with a pixie :)

  3. I agree, pixie hats on babies are so cute. She has a Stella Pixie hat but she likes to undo that one so this worked out as a great solution to that problem.