Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weekend Sewing

It was a drizzly and blustery weekend which was perfect for sewing. It was nice to have Jon around to help keep April entertained. She is pulling on everything and I just can't do much sewing with her trying to climb into my lap. So this weekend was busy for me.

I made April a new pair of the quick change trouser's from Anna Maria Horner's book. I chose more muted colors this time but still fun (the subtle sage color and the grey polka-dots are perfect together). Last time didn't do they reverse fabric on the butt panel but I did this time and it is so cute. Sorry no pictures of April wearing the pants, right now she doesn't really want to get dressed at all.

I also made April a couple bibs using the Liberty Bibs template. April tends to drink water faster than she can swallow so it all drips down her chin. I wanted some new more absorbent bibs so these were made with some double sided terry to add to the absorbency. I also used some heavy snaps since April tends to pull off bibs with velcro.
I started work on April's stocking as well this weekend. It is turning out to be a real pain and I'm not sure that I'm going to be happy with the final product. I'll keep plugging away at it though (you never know, it could get better with time).
Hope you all had a productive and fun long weekend.

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