Saturday, December 17, 2011

Decking the Halls

We've been busy decking our halls. We've been taking advantage of the glorious sunny days and gone to collect berries and greens from local parks. Holly is an invasive species in our rain forests so we have been doing our part by removing it from the outdoors and bring it in for decoration.
We had a few very windy days this December so I've been using fallen greenery this year. I did have to collect a couple pieces from the tree but not much. The wind also knocked loose some lovely pine cones that are now on display in my home. I've thoroughly enjoyed the hunt for little treasures that will add the the holiday spirit already taking hold in my home.
Our tree day was as lovely as ever. I love tree day even more than Christmas day. I love bundling up and going to find that perfect tree. We all discuss what we think the perfect tree will be like on our drive out. The lot is lit with lights and smells heavenly. The hunt begins. Here, somewhere, is the tree that we were meant to have. There is always a small debate over which tree is the most wonderful but we never leave with a tree than someone doesn't completely love. I look forward to welcoming the tree in my home. It's like having your favorite friend come to stay. We carefully string the lights and sing carols as we hang our cherished ornaments. We finish just as it is time for bed. We turn off all the lights and watch our perfect tree glow for a moment or two and then we are off the bed. You can still smell the intoxicating scent drifting into the bedroom as we all fall asleep. Tree day is the best day.
Again this year, I took part in the wreath making class at a local nursery. I always have a really good time. It is such a creative process and every year I learn something new. It was a nice two hour break from being mommy. I was just me, expressing my love of the holidays with the local foliage. I'm so pleased with the wreath I made this year.
During these cold, dark months having pieces of nature in your home deepens your connection to the earth, to the natural rhythms taking place. The lush greens and vibrant reds and purples now liven my home. Even the wonderful smell of the pine, fir and cedar lighten my mood. We are looking forward to solstice and planning quite the welcome for those longer days.

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  1. A wreathe making class? That sounds lovely! Beautiful decorations! I bet they smell great...