Sunday, January 15, 2012


Last week I finished knitting my very first sweater...for myself! I chose Quince and Co's Annabel Cardigan and used Quince and Co's Osprey yarn in Stormy. It really didn't take that long, only 3 weeks from start to finish. Osprey is the perfect yarn for this sweater; even though it's 100% wool, it is so soft and wonderful to knit with. The whole thing is in garter stitch which is quick and easy and gives a very comfy feel to this sweater. I think I would have made it about 2 inches longer in the body though. I always feel that too much of my back is exposed when I bend over while wearing it.
The buttons are one of my favorite things about this sweater. I love the way the grey yarn seems to just put the gorgeous wooden buttons on display. The buttons were bought on Etsy.

This sweater is so warm and I just feel so proud about it, I've been wearing it all the time! I think I might make another one in a different color for next winter. Oh but there are so many other patterns just waiting to be knit.

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