Thursday, January 5, 2012

Handmade Christmas

I should have posted this a lot sooner but I really tried to savor the family time this Christmas. Hand making gifts for loved ones gives me such joy and this year I enjoyed it more than ever.
For April, I made her the moss-stitch slippers from the Baby Knits book by Debbie Bliss, a super soft merino scarf, the Wee Wonderfuls Butterfly (to accompany her Wee Wonderfuls Snail) and the Mira Sweater.

For Jon, he only asked for a hat so I made him one. It is called the Gargantuan Melon hat and I made it with some Debbie Bliss Tweed. He loves it (though I made some mistakes that really stand out to me but he doesn't notice).
For the whole family, I brought peppermint bark, oat balls and made hot apple cider from the apple juice made with the fruit from our yard. I also gifted some yummy home canned goods from this summer.
And I got some homemade gifts too. None are totally complete yet so I don't have pictures but Jon made me a new cabinet for our entryway and he turned me a bird house in the shape of an apple. I'm really excited to organize my entryway when the new cabinet is finished. It will be the perfect start to a new year.
Christmas was so nice this year. We took it very slow, enjoyed ever minute, laughed a lot and appreciated each other more than ever. In the end it wasn't about the gifts, handmade or not, it was about being together and being grateful for the people who love you. I hope you all had an equally lovely holiday.

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