Saturday, January 21, 2012

Snow Day

Snow days are rare here on the west coast. If we get any snow at all it is usually a light dusting rather than a heavy dump. But sure enough this year we were buried under it. Dad had a snow day from school so we spent Wednesday taking April out on her sled, shoveling snow, making cookies, watching movies and just enjoying being snowed in.
Of course, being the snow-lover I am, as soon as snow started to fall I bundled April up and took her for a ride in the snow. Turns out you don't need a whole lot of snow to use those wooden sleds, actually it's best not to have much snow. At first she seemed to enjoy it, taking it all in.
But in the end I think April really didn't enjoy her snow day. Who can blame her? She couldn't really move in her snowsuit and the wind made it bitterly cold. She did like looking out the window at the snow.

I love in this picture that we both are wearing hand-knit hats (her's is the Lyalya Hoodie and mine is the Out of Retirement hat). Snow days also gave me the opportunity to work on some knitting. I love sitting by the fire, in a pile of wool, just knitting away.

It was so nice to see the world blanketed in snow. It is so peaceful and such a nice change. We walked our usual walks but they seemed like a totally different place. If snow is rare, icicles are even rarer here. But we saw them. They seem like chandeliers hanging from our patio. I've been working on being more mindful in my everyday activities and this change of environment helped give me an opportunity to notice everything.
The house got very cold despite running our fireplace all day so I decided we needed to have the oven on for something. We made these "Swedish" pastries from the PurlBee. Yum, they were the perfect cookie to have with some hot chocolate.
Our snow day was lovely. I hope the rest of you could enjoy your wintery blast. The snow is gone now and I can see the crocuses starting to come up in my garden. Spring is coming.

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