Monday, January 16, 2012


Sometimes, on days like these, I wish I was a snowflake.

Growing in the sky, where the clouds meet the blue, waiting for the quiet.

Only in the silence would I fall to earth.

Not fall, dance. Dance on the wind.

Not dance, float. The peace and serenity of floating in the quiet air.

I wish I could be a snowflake.

I would softly land and lay myself on the cold ground and blanket the world.

There I would lie, in the silence, in the peace, until one day the sun would embrace me.

Warm me.
The very essence of me would melt into the cool dark earth and nourish the spring bulbs that wait below.

New life. 

Yes, sometimes I wish I could be a snowflake.

It is snowing. It is so quiet and peaceful. We went for a quiet walk in the snow and now the baby is sleeping. The fire is on and I am going to take a warm bath before I go to bed. Maybe I will dream of the wonderful white world I will wake up to.

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