Wednesday, February 8, 2012

One Year

This weekend we celebrated April's first birthday. So bittersweet; she is growing and changing in so many wonderful ways but it's sad to see those tiny baby days have been and gone. On Saturday she had a party with some little friends and on Sunday we had a family brunch. It was a slow weekend, a chance to reflect. When she was a newborn the days seemed so long and I couldn't imagine her getting past those days and nights of nursing and crying. Now, I feel like I've forgotten just how little she was. I took out her sleeper that she came home from the hospital in and I just couldn't remember what it felt like to hold a baby that little.
Her party, in the end, was mostly about the food. April loves to eat so we had Salmon and Sweet Potato cakes, broccoli and cheese quiche, yam fries, and lots of yummy things. Her favorite, of course, was her cupcakes. I made vanilla cupcakes sweetened with honey and iced with blueberry cream cheese frosting. Low in sugar but so yummy.

Happy Birthday my sweet little baby.

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