Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Botanical Beach

The real reason for visiting Port Renfrew was so that we could visit Botanical Beach at low tide. Botanical Beach has beautiful tide pools that are only really appreciated at low tide. We were fortunate that we happened to be visiting on a weekend when low tide wasn't in the wee hours of the morning.
The hike into the beach is short and peaceful. Jon and I were marveling at the other-world feeling the trees along the trail lent. Jon said it reminded him of a Tolkien book. We also got to see some wildlife along the way. Some squirrels, birds and one beautiful bald eagle. While on the beach we also got to watch a crow go through the process of flying up and dropping urchins trying to get in for some lunch. It was fascinating to watch.
The pools themselves were lovely. The array of seaweed, mussels, barnacles, urchins, anemones, fish, and crabs was amazing. Nature never ceases to amaze. There was a challenge in getting to some of the deeper pools as all the rocks were slick with seaweed but it was worth the slow going and carefully maneuvering.  It was so special to have this sneak peek at what is living in our coastal waters.

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  1. These pictures are wonder you wanted to go!