Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Goodies

It's the time of year for cheerful colors, cuddly animals and celebrating new life. Easter for us is a celebration of the coming growing season, warmer weather and longer days.

I made April an Easter bag. I used the guidelines from the Purlbee Easter Egg Hunt Bags. I love the cheery goldenrod color with the pink ribbon. Now ric rac is not usually my favorite embellishment but on this bag it looks completely adorable. I filled April's bag with a new book, a couple new toys for the tub and those adorable bunny finger puppets. Again they were from the Purlbee. Easy to put together and oh so cute. Once April has retrieved her gifts from the bag we will used it to hunt some (not so hidden) eggs. I'm not sure she will get the idea but it should be fun to explore outside anyways.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon experimenting with natural dye for our eggs. Now I've tried dying eggs with food based dyes before with mixed results. This year I followed the guidelines I found here. I'm amazed at the results. I love the look of naturally dyed eggs. It's easier to imagine that you've actually found these eggs out in nature.

For those who are curious, the blue is from red cabbage, the red is from beets, the yellow is from tumeric and the patterned ones were leaves wrapped in onion skins and boiled. I can't wait until April is old enough to make these eggs with me. I think I will be using these dye recipes from years to come.

Tonight we will be gathering with our extended family for a special Easter dinner. This will be April's second time trying turkey and I hope she enjoys it more this time. For my dinner contribution I am bringing a couple of recipes from the pages of Taproot (if you haven't read it, it is a fabulous publication). Massage Kale salad with Apple and Goat Cheese (highly addictive) made from the last of the winter Kale from our garden and a Strawberry Pavlova for dessert. My, what a feast it will be!

Happy Easter!

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