Monday, April 16, 2012

Playful Strips

I recently decided I need some practice with my color work in knitting. I'm not good at it and I tend to avoid patterns that require it. I'm a fan of Alana's work over there on Never Not Knitting so I decided to try her Playful Strips Cardigan for April.
I found picking 5 colors that went well together a little bit of a challenge but in the end the tan, maroon, baby blue and chocolate brown all looked nice together. I used Lana Gatto's Wool Gatto (not my favorite but it was on special at the wool shop so I thought I'd try it). The sportweight also makes it a great lightweight spring sweater. I was so lucky to find these matching vintage buttons in my mom's sewing bin. I love vintage buttons.
The color work was not as challenging as I was expecting. It was just slow going with all the color changes and weaving in ends. The picot edging also added to the duration of this project. But the reality is that Alana has written a clear, fun pattern that gives a very polished and pretty result.
I think I will make this sweater again in the fall. I've already been planning what colors to use in my head. April clearly likes this sweater (although I think most of the appeal is in undoing the buttons) and I do too.

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