Friday, April 6, 2012

Smooshy Bunny

In the spirit of Easter I made April her own cuddly bunny. Easter is something I celebrate more as a holiday for welcoming spring and all the new life that the season brings. The Easter bunny doesn't really visit this house but animals in general do. We welcome chicks, bunnies, birds, squirrels, really all sorts.

I found a tutorial that used an old t-shirt to make a stuffed bunny. So at 50% off day at our local thrift store, I snagged a super soft t-shirt. The pattern is quite simple if you are comfortable working with knits. I don't love sewing knits on a curve (and there are a lot of curves in the pattern) but I got it. I think the bigger challenge was embroidering a face on light weight jersey knit. Yikes. But it came out looking very sweet and it's definitely soft and cuddly. April approves!

More Easter projects are in the works. We are celebrating our family Easter gathering early this year so expect a post tomorrow about all the Easter goodies made here at our house.

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