Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Up the Coast

For a Christmas gift my thoughtful parents gave us a trip up the island to Port Renfrew. It was so lovely to get away as a family and truly enjoy each others company and the beautiful island we live on. So we piled in our car this Easter weekend and headed up the coast.
Our first stop was at French Beach. April was in heaven. She loves to collect rocks and she just wandered along the beach collecting as many rocks as she could fit in her little hands. It was windy but not cold so we could stay for a while.
Finally we arrived in Port Renfrew. The highway into Port Renfrew is narrow and winding and we all had had enough of being car-bound. Our lodge was right on the beach. The weather was warm enough that we could walk barefoot in the sand. There is something so funny about walking in the sand and splashing the wake of the waves while staring up at snow covered mountains.
April hasn't had much barefoot time outdoors simply because it's been so cold. I think she found the sensation freeing. She could have spent all afternoon on the beach. She collected shells and rocks. She felt the seaweed in her hands and dug her toes and fingers into the cool sand. Well we all did some of that. I just sat in the sand, buried my toes in it and took deep breaths of the fresh salt air. It was rejuvenating after what felt like a very long winter.
We had several more adventures in Port Renfrew but those deserve their own posts so stay tuned for those.

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