Wednesday, June 27, 2012

From the Garden


It's been cool so far this season so things in the garden aren't what I was hoping for. My tomatoes, winter squash, cucumber, corn and beans are all really small. The squash and cucumber have already started to flower yet are hardly big enough to support fruit. I'm not sure what's going to come of my plants this year.
In other news, the lettuce, peas, potatoes and kale are all doing really well and we got a small harvest of broccoli this year.
Our yield from the raspberry bushes has doubled this year. We all love raspberries, even April (who has not been a berry fan in the past). She will often wander down the garden path and point at the raspberries and (usually) wait for me to pick her some. They are so good, hardly any have actually made it into the house.
My weed suppression ideas don't seem to be as effective as I was hoping. I've been trying to spend at least 30 minutes weeding every day but it's been raining lately and on the really windy days April doesn't really want to spend much time outside. Even if they don't seem to be keeping the weeds down, I do like having the boards in the garden; the make for great weeding spots in the garden since I know I'm not going to squish any veggies if I'm still on the board.
July is just around the corner and with it hopefully comes some heat and sunshine. I'm so hoping that a week or so of good sun and warm weather will cause my tomatoes and squash to go through a growth spurt. But overall I'm pleased with the state of my summer garden and I'm making preparations for the fall/winter garden.

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