Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Spinach Tuesday

At some point over the weekend my spinach decided it was done for the season and went to seed. So I decided today I'd better pick it before it goes yellow. I hauled in two baskets full of spinach and declared today to be Spinach Tuesday.
We made a big batch of spanakopita for dinner, made Green Monster muffins for tomorrow, had a spinach omelet for breakfast and whipped up a berry and greens smoothie for an afternoon snack (my usual smoothie is strawberries or blueberries, banana, milk, spinach or kale, honey, ground flax seed and cod liver oil). We definitely got a good dose of iron and folic acid today.
I still have a bag of spinach in the fridge with plans of making yet another smoothie tomorrow morning and the Farmer's Market Salad from The Rhythm of Family for dinner. Tomorrow the chickens get their dose of spinach too as I'm planning on pulling out what's left in the garden to make room for the fall brussels sprouts that I will be starting soon. There will be more spinach in our future though since it makes an excellent fall veggie around here.
What's your favorite way to use spinach?

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