Monday, July 2, 2012


Today we got our honeybees. It turned out to be not the best day for transferring the bees but it is getting very late in the season so we needed to move them into the hive now. Normally you would want your bees in the hive in May so they can take advantage of the fruit trees in bloom. However, it has been very cold and wet this spring and even June was windy and wet. So we decided to take our time and get our bees when the average daily temperature was a little but higher. We were fortunate to get local bees from an experienced beekeeper. She even came and helped me install the frames and get the bees comfortable in their new hive.
Although I've been reading up about bees like crazy (this book is my favorite), watching Youtube videos and I attended a local beekeepers association meeting, I was still a little nervous about welcoming these little bees to our tiny homestead. I was greatly relieved when the beekeeper selling the bees said she would return to help us with our first few hive inspections.
They really are amazing creatures and through the whole transfer I was not stung once (we do not use smoke to calm the bees). It ended up raining a few hours later so I hope that doesn't leave them feeling too stressed. I'm hoping this is the start of an amazing and productive learning experience. I will keep you posted on our journey into beekeeping.


  1. I would love to get honeybees someday but worry about the amount of space we have available for them (we're on only half an acre and dont want to get on the neighbors bad sides)...I can't wait to hear more about your adventure! :)

  2. Our property is only about 1/4 acre, which seems to be enough to give some distance between the bees and all us humans. Our bees are super gentle. I have a feeling I may be ditching the gloves soon. I'd recommend talking to your neighbors about it if you are interested, mine really didn't care since they are hidden away in the back corner of my property.